In 2010, just before graduating in Graphic Design, Jordi Serrano founded the independent record label Domestica Records (Barcelona, 2010-2020). In a span of 10 years of activity, the label attracted interest from specialised international media, and several art galleries and design studios exhibited a selection of the albums released. It was not, nevertheless, all about aesthetics; rather, graphic concept, packaging, handcraft printing, and attention to detail and finish helped to define a genuine personality. All along, this context enabled him to explore and build up his own identity as a designer, freely producing and experimenting with the artwork for the bands he love.

In 2019, Jordi founded his own design studio and personal brand: Tisora Studio. Tisora means ‘scissors’ in Catalan, a word that involves craftsmanship on physical media. The aim of the project is to produce unique design aesthetics through a genuine and contemporary approach with an emphasis on traditional and crafting techniques.

The studio is born from the need of reconnecting with physical element in addition to new technologies, with the eyes set on artisan printing process, detailed finishing, textures and high-quality papers, effectively becoming an added value.

We are happy working on:

· Art direction
· Branding
· Concept development
· Creative strategy
· Editorial design
· Naming
· Packaging
· Posters
· Printed publications
· Records
· Visual identity
· Web design

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Marati 5, Stuudio 406 (Põhjala tehas)
11713 Tallinn (Estonia)

Email: info@tisorastudio.com

(ES) +34 661 401 993
(EE) +372 5479 0338

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